Lenger (Kazakh: Леңгір, Lenger, لەنگەر; Russian: Ленгер) is a city in Tole Bi District, Turkistan Region of Kazakhstan. As of 2012 Lenger had a population of 25,298.[1] Lenger is the administrative center of the Tole Bi District. The Museum of the Tole Bi District (Музей Толебийского района) is in Lenger.[2] Population: 24,642 (2009 Census results);[3] 22,038 (1999 Census results).[3]

Lenger is located in Kazakhstan
Location in Kazakhstan
Coordinates: 42°10′55″N 69°53′16″E / 42.18194°N 69.88778°E / 42.18194; 69.88778Coordinates: 42°10′55″N 69°53′16″E / 42.18194°N 69.88778°E / 42.18194; 69.88778
 • Total2,047 km2 (790 sq mi)
 • Total25,298
Time zoneUTC+6 (UTC+6)

There is a lot of dispute what the word Lenger means, as all the city names in Kazakh language has a meaning, there is no clear information about the origin (etimology) of Lenger.

Notable peopleEdit

In popular cultureEdit

  • In Command & Conquer: Generals, Lenger serves as a traitorous GLA warlord's base serving Chinese "masters". GLA forces loyal to the Commander were commanded to destroy both traitors and repulse any Chinese allies' attempts to relief the attack.[4]


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