Legionella feeleii

Legionella feeleii is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium from the genus Legionella which was isolated from an automobile plant and which was held responsible for causing Pontiac fever in 317 workers.[3][4] The organism did not grow on blood agar, required L-cysteine, and showed significant quantities of branched-chain fatty acids. More recently,[5] an unusual, extrapulmonary case was described in a 66-year-old woman admitted to Hopital Nord, Marseille, France because of a complicated cellulitis and an abscess on her right leg following a suspected insect or spider bite.

Legionella feeleii
Scientific classification
L. feeleii
Binomial name
Legionella feeleii
Herwaldt et al. 1984[1]
Type strain
ATCC 35072, CCUG 16417, CIP 103877, DSM 17645, Goorman WO-44C, NCTC 12022, WO-44C[2]


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