A legényes (in Hungarian) or feciorească (in Romanian) is a men's solo dance done by Transylvanian people (in Hungarian ethnic) living in the Kalotaszeg/Ţara Călatei, Szilágyság/Sălaj and Mezőség/Câmpia Transilvaniei regions of Transylvania, roughly the region around Cluj.[1] Although usually danced by young men, it can be also danced by older men. The dance is performed freestyle usually by one dancer at a time in front of the band. Women participate in the dance by standing in lines to the side and sing/shout verses while the men dance. Each lad does a number of points (dance phrases) typically 4 to 8 without repetition. Each point consists of 4 parts, each lasting 4 counts. The first part is usually the same for everyone (there are only a few variations).


  • legényes / feciorească (Kalotaszeg)
  • sűrű tempó (Szék)
  • sűrű magyar or sűrű fogásolás (Mezőség)
  • pontozó / ponturi (Küküllő-mente)
  • târnăveană or korcsos (Mezőség)
  • figurázó (Szilágyság)

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