Lebanon at the 1975 Mediterranean Games

91 athletes (74 male and 17 female)[1] represented Lebanon at the 1975 7th Mediterranean games in Algeria. Lebanon won 3 gold medals and 2 bronze in these games; Mohamed Tarabulsi gave Lebanon its 3 gold medals thanks to his clean sweep of the 75 kg weightlifting snatch, jerk and total.

Medal table edit

1  Italy514036127
2  France31252379
3  Yugoslavia24172364
4  Spain14272970
5  Turkey1211831
6  Greece9121637
7  Egypt6121533
8  Algeria47920
9  Syria321116
10  Tunisia3227
11  Lebanon3025
12  Morocco0448
13  Libya0123
Totals (13 entries)160160180500

Lebanese medals by sport edit

  Shot put0011
Totals (3 entries)3025

Lebanese Medal winners edit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
(– men shot put)
  Ivan Ivancic (YUG)   Jean-Marie Djebaili (ALG)   Omar Musa Mejbari (LIB)
(– men snatch 75 Kg)
  Mohamed Tarabulsi 142.5 Kg (LIB)   Anselmo Silvino 132.5 Kg (ITA)   Dusan Mirkovic 130 Kg (YUG)
(– men jerk 75 Kg)
  Mohamed Tarabulsi 165 Kg (LIB)   Anselmo Silvino 165 Kg (ITA)   Dusan Mirkovic 160 Kg (YUG)
(– men total 75 Kg)
  Mohamed Tarabulsi 307.5 Kg (LIB)   Anselmo Silvino 297.5 Kg (ITA)   Dusan Mirkovic 287.5 Kg (YUG)
(– men Greco-Roman +100 Kg)
  Omer Topuz (TUR)   Danji (YUG)   Hassan Bchara (LIB)

Medalists edit

Medal Name Sport Event
  Gold Mohamed Tarabulsi   Weightlifting men snatch 75 Kg
  Gold Mohamed Tarabulsi   Weightlifting men jerk 75 Kg
  Gold Mohamed Tarabulsi   Weightlifting men total 75 Kg
  Bronze Omar Musa Mejbari   athletics men shot put
  Bronze Hassan Bchara   wrestling men Greco-Roman +100 Kg

References edit

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