Le tableau parlant

Le tableau parlant (The Talking Picture) is an opéra comique, described as a comédie-parade, in one act by André Grétry, The French libretto was by Louis Anseaume.

Performance historyEdit

It was first performed on 20 September 1769 by the Comédie-Italienne at the Hôtel de Bourgogne in Paris.


Roles, voice types, premiere cast
Role Voice type Premiere cast, 20 September 1769[1]
Isabelle soprano Marie-Jeanne Trial
Léandre tenor Antoine Trial
Cassandre tenor Jean-Louis Laruette
Pierrot tenor Jean-Baptiste Guignard
Columbine soprano Marie-Thérèse Laruette


In the absence of Isabelle's lover Léandre, Cassandre persuades Isabelle to marry him instead. Cassandre leaves and in the meantime Léandre returns and Isabelle changes her mind. She asks Cassandre's portrait for his agreement to the changed state of affairs, only to find that Cassandre himself is concealed behind the picture.


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