Le cadi dupé

Le cadi dupé (The Duped Qadi, or The Duped Judge) is an opéra comique in one act by Christoph Willibald Gluck. It has a French-language libretto by Pierre-René Lemonnier. It premiered at the Burgtheater in Vienna on 8 December 1761. The libretto had already been set by Pierre-Alexandre Monsigny in an opera that had premiered on 4 February of the same year at the Paris Foire St-Germain.

The music belongs to the Turkish-influenced fashion of the period and features janissary music, represented by piccolo, drums, and cymbals.


Role Voice type[1] Premiere Cast,[2]
Vienna, Burgtheater, December 8, 1761
(Conductor: - )
Cadi, the judge bass-baritone Vincent Hédoux
Fatime, his wife soprano Mme Hédoux
Zelmire soprano Mme Guérin
Nouradin haute-contre M. Darcis
Omar, a dyer bass-baritone Jean Baptist Rousselois
Ali, Omar's daughter tenor (travesti) Gabriel Soullé
An Aga, or Lieutenant of the Cadi spoken role[3] Antoine Durval


The Cadi has been flirting with other women and neglecting his wife, Fatima. The mischievous Zelmire, who is in love with Nuradin, tricks the Cadi in order to teach him a lesson. She pretends to be Omar's daughter, Ali, who is considered less than desirable. The Cadi plans to divorce Fatima in order to marry the pretending Zelmire, but the truth is eventually revealed.


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  • Original Paris libretto: Le Cadi dupé, Opera-comique en un acte par l'Auteur du Maître en Droit, Répresenté pour la premiere fois sur le Théâtre de l'Opera-Comique de la Foire S. Germain, le 4 Fevrier 1761, Paris, Duchesne, 1761 (a copy at books-google)
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