Le astuzie femminili

Le astuzie femminili (Feminine wiles) is a dramma giocoso in four acts by Domenico Cimarosa with an Italian libretto by Giuseppe Palomba [it]. The opera buffa premiered at the Teatro dei Fiorentini in Naples, Italy, on 26 August 1794. The opera was subsequently performed in Barcelona in 1795, Lisbon in 1797, Vienna in 1799, Paris in 1802, and London in 1804, remaining popular during the first quarter of the nineteenth century. Although not performed often today, the opera is still occasionally revived and a number of recordings have been made.[1]

Le astuzie femminili
Dramma giocoso by Domenico Cimarosa
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The composer
LibrettistGiuseppe Palomba
26 August 1794 (1794-08-26)

It is at a disappointing London performance of Le astuzie feminili that Stephen Maturin glimpses Diana Villiers, now a kept woman, in Patrick O'Brian's historical novel Post Captain.[citation needed]


Roles, voice types, premiere cast
Role Voice type Premiere cast, 26 August 1794[2]
Signor Lasagna Giampaolo bass Carlo Casaccia "Casacciello"
Bellina, pupil of Dottor Romualdo soprano Giovanna Codecasa
Dottor (doctor) Romualdo baritone Luigi Martinelli
Filandro, in love with Bellina tenor Antonio Benelli
Ersilia, Bellina's close friend soprano Marianna Muraglia
Leonora, a governess mezzo-soprano Luisa Negri



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