Le Miroir de l'eau

Le Miroir de l'eau (The Mirror of Water) was a French mini-series directed by Edwin Baily and consisting of four episodes of one-hundred minutes each. It was first broadcast between 9 and 30 August 2004 on France 2.


Antoine returns to his home near Aix-en-Provence after sailing around the world, only to learn that the girl he had loved twenty-five years earlier, Isaure Castella, has drowned in the lake 'Waters Mirrors'. Her drowning was suspicious and Antoine's return unveils a lot of mysteries.

For some time, Gabrielle has had the feeling that Isaure is back. It started with the reopening of her bedroom that her mother had locked in order not to awaken the past. Additionally, Alice, the daughter of Alexandra, has visions and regularly sees Isaure in "Water Mirrors". Alexandra is the mistress of both Nicolas and Robin, the latter a police inspector whose relationship with Alexandra is rather strained. Fortunately, he meets Anna, a teacher, who is actually about to marry, but is confused and in search of her identity.

To make matters worse, the niece of Antoine, Anais, drowns in the same way as Isaure. The inspector Robin is in charge of the inquiry, and the investigation will unveil secrets that had been buried with great care by the grandmother of the family, Suzanne Castella.