Le Médecin volant

Le Médecin volant (The Flying Doctor) is a French play by Molière, and his first, written in 1645. The date of its actual premiere is unknown, but its Paris premiere took place on 18 April 1659. Parts of the play were later reproduced in L'Amour médecin, and Le Médecin malgré lui.[1] It is composed of 15 scenes and has seven characters largely based on stock commedia dell'arte roles:

  • Gorgibus, an old nobleman, the father of Lucile (Commedia dell'Arte: Pantalone)
  • Lucile, daughter of Gorgibus, engaged to Villebrequin (Commedia dell'Arte: Innamorata)
  • Gros-René : Gorgibus' servant, role created by René Berthelot)
  • Sabine, Lucile's cousin, the source of all the intrigue in the play (Commedia dell'Arte: Columbina)
  • Valère : Lucile's lover (Commedia dell'Arte: Innamorato)
  • Sganarelle: Hero of the play, valet to Valère. (Commedia dell'Arte: Arlecchino), role created by Molière
  • A Lawyer (Commedia dell'Arte: Il Dottore)


Gorgibus wants at all costs to marry Lucile to the old Villebrequin. However, Lucile loves Valère. Entrusting his love to Lucile's cousin Sabine and his valet Sganarelle (who takes on a double role as both himself and his twin "doctor" brother"), Valère is going to need all the help he can get to solve this problem.


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