Le Dep is a 2015 Canadian psychological drama film directed by Sonia Boileau.[1] The film tells the story of a young Innu woman (played by Ève Ringuette) who is held at gunpoint one night while working at a convenience store in a small First Nations community in rural Quebec.[2] Set in a fictional Innu community,[2] the film's dialogue is mostly in French, with some Innu-aimun. Le Dep is the first First Nations production of Telefilm Canada's Micro-Budget program.[3][4] The film's world premiere was at the 2015 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival,[5] following which the film played various festivals in Canada, the United States, and United Kingdom[6][7][8] and had a theatrical run in Montreal.[2]

Le Dep
175 Le Dep Fr.jpg
Directed bySonia Boileau
Produced byJason Brennan
Written bySonia Boileau
StarringEve Ringuette
Charles Buckell-Robertson
Yan England
Music byMichel DeMars
CinematographyPatrick Kaplin
Edited byRandy Kelly
Nish Media
Distributed byK Films Amérique
Release date
Running time
77 minutes



In Variety, reviewer Alissa Simon found the film "an earnest but engaging social-issue drama", and commented, "its condensed framework and beaucoup dialogue make the pic resemble a classic three-act play."[9]

In Le Soleil, reviewer Éric Moreault found that the film was full of good intentions but lacked dramatic tension and plausibility.[10]

Awards and accoladesEdit

At the 2015 Vancouver International Film Festival, the Canadian Images features jury gave Boileau an honourable mention in the Emerging Canadian Director category for Le Dep.[11]

At the 2015 American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco, Ringuette won the best actress award for her performance in Le Dep[12] (she had previously won the same award in 2012 for the film Mesnak).[13]


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