Latorica Protected Landscape Area

Latorica Protected Landscape Area (Slovak: Chránená krajinná oblasť Latorica) is the second lowland protected landscape area in Slovakia. It is located in the south-eastern Slovakia, in the Trebišov and Michalovce districts.

Latorica Protected Landscape Area
CHKO Latorica
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
LocationSouth-eastern Slovakia, Eastern Slovak Lowland
Coordinates48°30′N 21°55′E / 48.500°N 21.917°E / 48.500; 21.917Coordinates: 48°30′N 21°55′E / 48.500°N 21.917°E / 48.500; 21.917
Area231.98 km² (89.6 mi²)
Established25 June 1990
Governing bodySpráva CHKO Latorica (CHKO Latorica Administration) in Trebišov

Geography, geology and ecologyEdit

The park is located around the Slovak part of Latorica river and around lower part of Ondava and Laborec rivers. The landscape area consists of the system of riverbeds and arms, surrounded by alluvial forest and wetlands. The most noticeable phenomenon of the PLA is the rare water and swamp biocenose, unique in Slovakia.

Due to the location and character of this PLA, the area is used by waterfowl, not only for nesting, but also, in the case of migratory birds, for short rests.

A part of river's watershed ("Ramsar site No. 606", 44.05 km²) was added to the Ramsar list of wetlands of international importance since 1993.

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