Lars Christian Dahll

Lars Christian Dahll (5 November 1823 – 29 November 1908) was a Norwegian military officer and politician.

He chaired Centralforeningen for Udbredelse af Legemsøvelser og Vaabenbrug from 1878 to 1881.[1] On 3 April 1884, he was made Minister of the Army in the short-lived cabinet of Christian Homann Schweigaard, who had to resign on 26 June the same year.[2]


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Sporting positions
Preceded by
Lars Broch
Chairman of Centralforeningen
Succeeded by
Edvard Eriksen
Political offices
Preceded by
Anders Sandøe Ørsted Bull (acting)
Norwegian Minister of Defence
April 1884–June 1884
Succeeded by
Ludvig Daae