Lappert's is an ice cream manufacturer, producing "super-premium" ice cream, based on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. The company runs the largest ice cream chain in Hawaii.[1]

Lappert's was founded by Walter Lappert when he retired to Hawaii with his second wife Mary and opened an ice cream store.[2][3] The first batch of ice cream was created on the island of Kauai on December 21, 1983.[4]

Lappert's ice cream is featured in many other independently owned stores. To date, the company has created 8 unique, original flavors which address specific regional demands.[5][6]

In addition to ice cream, the Lappert's roasts and sells gourmet coffee.[7]

Walter Lappert's son, Michael Lappert, opened a California brand of his own and named it Lappert's Ice Cream.[8] It has set itself apart from Lappert's that was originated by his father in Hawaii. Lappert's Hawaii even indicated in their website that, "We are not related to or affiliated in any manner with Lappert's Ice Cream on the mainland. Lappert's Hawaii's products can be found in Hawaii and on the Internet."[7]

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