Laodao River

The Laodao River (Chinese: 捞刀河; pinyin: Lāodāo hé), also known as the Laotang River (Chinese: 捞塘河; pinyin: Lāodāo hé) or Liaoxu River (Chinese: 潦浒河; pinyin: liáoxǔ hé), is a right-bank tributary of the Xiang River, the 2nd largest tributary of Xiang River in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. The river has a length of 149.35 kilometres (92.80 mi)[1] with its drainage area of 2,543 square kilometres (982 sq mi), accounting for 21.52% of the total area of Changsha, with surface water resources of 2,262 million cubic meters, accounting for 20.62% of that (as of 2014).[2] It flows through Liuyang City, Changsha County, Furong and Kaifu Districts, and merges into Xiang River at Jiangwan (Chinese: 江湾) of Xiufeng Subdistrict, Kaifu District.

Laodao River flows from its source in Shegang Town of Liuyang.

The River originates from Zhouluo Village (Chinese: 周洛) of Shegang Town in Liuyang, and flows through Longfu Township, Shashi Town, Beisheng Town, Yong'an Town, Chuanhua Town, and Huanghua Town to join the Xiang River at Yangyou Lake.[3][4]


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