Lantechildis (or Lenteildis) was a Frankish noblewoman, the daughter of the Frankish king Childeric I (d. 481) and the Thuringian noblewoman Basina (d. 477). She was a sister of Clovis I.[1] She is mentioned in Gregory of Tours and the Liber historiae Francorum.[2]

Lantechildis converted to Arianism and received Arian baptism.[3] She may have been influenced to convert after her sister Audofleda converted at her marriage to the Ostrogothic king Theoderic the Great.[4] Later she converted again and received a Catholic baptism like her brother and sister, Albofledis.[2][5] Clovis' baptism took place between 496/498 and 508/509.[6][4] Her conversion from heresy was the subject of a sermon by Bishop Avitus of Vienne entitled in Latin Homilia de conversione Lenteildis Chlodovaei sororis, "Homily on the conversion of Clovis' sister Lenteildis".[7][8][9] Avitus preached the sermon at her baptism.[3]


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