Lanre Adesina Hassan (Listen) (born (1950-10-03)3 October 1950),[2] popularly called Iya Aweropronunciation is a Nigerian film actress, who features majorly in the Yoruba-language cinema of Nollywood, although she features in English-language productions as well.[3] Since the start of her career with the Ojo Ladipo Theatre Group, Iya Awero has starred in multiple films.[4]

Lanre Adesina Hassan
Born3 October 1950 (1950-10-03) (age 73)
Other namesIya Awero[1]

Early life edit

Iya Awero was born in Lagos. She spends most of her early life in Lagos Island, Lagos state.[5]

Career edit

At the age of 14, Hassan joined the drama group Young Stars Concert Party alongside members like Ojo Ladipo (also known as Baba Mero) and Adebayo Salami. Later, they changed their name to Ojo Ladipo Theatre Group. She entered the Lagos School of Dramatic Arts in 1970 under the direction of one Chief Olude, a famous drama professor at the time, to give her performance an intellectual bite and flare. She then received straight admission to the Center for Cultural Studies at the University of Lagos, where she would study theater (diploma). However, she became pregnant and was unable to finish the program. Baba Mero passed away in 1978, and Adebayo Salami took over as leader of the newly renamed Awada Kerikeri (Oga Bello). After making her debut, Hassan[6]

Education edit

Iya Awero attended Oduwabore Memorial School, Mushin, Lagos. before acting, Iya Awero attended the School of Drama for professional training.[5]

Selected filmography edit

  • Ìlù Gángan
  • Iró Gunfun
  • Adelebo
  • Aje Metta
  • Baba Lukudi
  • Iyawo Tunde
  • Igba Ewa
  • Ìkúnlè Kèsán
  • Ìrírí Mi
  • Mama Lanre
  • Oníbárà
  • Àtànpàkò òtún
  • Ejide
  • Okun Emi
  • Oluweri Magboojo
  • Dokita Alabere
  • Fadùn Sáyémi
  • Ire Aye Mi
  • Eto Ikoko
  • Idajo Mi Tide
  • Ishola Oba-orin
  • Ogo-Nla
  • Sade Blade
  • Ògìdán
  • Ògo Idílé
  • Okun Ife
  • Orí
  • Owo Blow
  • Jawonbe
  • Ogbologbo
  • Ojabo Kofo
  • Pakúté Olórun
  • Boya Lemo
  • Back to Africa
  • Owo Blow: The Genesis
  • Aso Ásiri
  • Family on Fire
  • Omo Elemosho
  • Ayitale
  • Mama Insurance

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