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Langtang, Bagmati[citation needed] was a village development committee (VDC) in Rasuwa District in the Bagmati Zone of northern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 468 people living in 100 individual households.[1]

Langtang, Bagmati[citation needed]

Langtang, Bagmati[citation needed] is located in Nepal
Langtang, Bagmati[citation needed]
Langtang, Bagmati[citation needed]
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 28°12′59″N 85°30′22″E / 28.21639°N 85.50611°E / 28.21639; 85.50611Coordinates: 28°12′59″N 85°30′22″E / 28.21639°N 85.50611°E / 28.21639; 85.50611
ZoneBagmati Zone
DistrictRasuwa District
 • Total468
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (Nepal Time)
Langtang village before destruction by avalanche caused by an earthquake in 2015



The purpose of Village Development Committees is to organise village people structurally at a local level and creating a partnership between the community and the public sector for improved service delivery system. A VDC has a status as an autonomous institution and authority for interacting with the more centralised institutions of governance in Nepal. In doing so, the VDC gives village people an element of control and responsibility in development, and also ensures proper utilization and distribution of state funds and a greater interaction between government officials, NGOs and agencies. The village development committees within a given area will discuss education, water supply, basic health, sanitation and income and will also monitor and record progress which is displayed in census data.[2]

In VDCs there is one elected chief, usually elected with over an 80% majority. From each ward, there is also a chief that is elected along with these there are also four members elected or nominated.[2]

Prior to the 2015 Nepal earthquake there was a clinic located in Langtang,[citation needed] which served the local villages. Prior to 2000, there was no medical care available in the region.[3]

2015 Nepal earthquakeEdit

The village was entirely destroyed by a massive avalanche resulting from an earthquake on 25 April 2015. Reports from the area indicate that the village has only one structure remaining, with significant parts of the village buried beneath a landslide. As of 1 May 2015 most of the village's inhabitants are "presumed to have perished".[4][5][6]


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