Lang Hans van Rensburg

Johannes Jacobus (Lang Hans) Janse van Rensburg (12 August 1779 – July 1836) was a leader of one of the early Voortrekker groups. His entire group of 51 people was massacred by an 'impi' of Manukosi near Inhambane. Only his two children were spared, as a result of an intervention by another Zulu warrior.[1] Included in the party was Nicholaas Balthasar Prinsloo, who was a Slagtersnek rebel, his wife, Petronella Maria Krugel/Kruger and their family.[2][3]

The Janse van Rensburg Trek massacre
Part of the Great Trek
LocationDjinjispruit, near modern day Inhambane, Mozambique
DateJuly 1836
Perpetratorsimpis of Manukosi
A map charting the routes of the largest trekking parties during the first wave of the Great Trek (1835-1840) along with key battles and events.
  Louis Tregardt's route (1833 to 1838)
  Survivors of Tregardt's trek evacuated by sea, 1839
  Van Rensburg's route, after it separated from Tregardt's


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