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Lamiya Haji Bashar (Arabic: لمياء حجي بشار) is a Yazidi human rights activist. She was awarded the Sakharov Prize jointly with Nadia Murad in 2016.[1]

Lamiya Haji Bashar
Lamija Adschi Baschar.jpeg
Lamiya Haji Bashar (2017)
Lamiya Haji Bashar

1998 (age 20–21)
OccupationHuman rights activist
Years active2014–present


Haji Bashar is from Kojo, near Sinjar, Iraq. In August 2014, along with Nadia Murad, she was abducted by Islamic State from the village and forced into sexual slavery.[2][3] She was also forced to make suicide vests.[2]

Aided by her family who paid local smugglers, she escaped in April 2016, being injured by a land mine in the process. She received medical treatment in Germany.[3] In October 2016, she and Murad were jointly awarded the Sakharov Prize; the ceremony took place in December 2016.[3]

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