Lambak Kiri

Lambak Kiri is a populated place in Brunei-Muara District, Brunei. It is officially a village subdivision under Berakas A, a mukim in the district. Lambak Kiri may also refer to the greater area which includes the Lambak Kiri public housing area of the Landless Indigenous Citizens' Housing Scheme (Malay: Skim Tanah Kurnia Rakyat Jati), although the latter is a separate subdivision.

Lambak Kiri
Lambak Kiri is located in Brunei
Lambak Kiri
Location in Brunei
Coordinates: 4°59′26″N 114°57′04″E / 4.990472°N 114.951114°E / 4.990472; 114.951114Coordinates: 4°59′26″N 114°57′04″E / 4.990472°N 114.951114°E / 4.990472; 114.951114
MukimBerakas A
 • Village headHamdani Omar


"Lambak Kiri" is the Malay term which means "Lambak Left". It originally refers to the place as supposedly located to the 'left' or west of Lambak, another settlement nearby.

Lambak Kiri is officially known in Malay as Kampung Lambak Kiri (Kampung is sometimes spelt as Kampong),[1] which literally means 'Lambak Kiri Village'.

The public housing area, Lambak Kiri Landless Indigenous Citizens' Housing Scheme, is named after Lambak Kiri as it is located adjacent to it.


The area of Lambak Kiri is officially administered as a village, the third- and lowest-level administrative division of Brunei. It is one of the subdivisions within Berakas A, a mukim or subdistrict of Brunei-Muara District. Lambak Kiri is also a designated postcode area with the postcode BB1214.[1]

Lambak Kiri is distinct as a village subdivision from Lambak Kiri Landless Indigenous Citizens' Housing Scheme.[2] However, the community of Lambak Kiri does not have its own village head; it is overseen by the village head of the latter and the incumbent is Hamdani bin Omar.[3][4]

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