Lalo Encinas

Ladislao "Lalo" Encinas was a character actor active in Hollywood from the 1910s through the 1950s.[1][2]

Lalo Encinas
Ladislao Encinas

June 27, 1886
Pima, Arizona, USA
DiedMay 5, 1959 (aged 72)
Los Angeles, California, USA

He was noted as one of few Apache actors working in the motion picture industry by contemporaneous reporters, though according to census records, it appears he was of mestizo or indigenous Mexican ancestry.[3]


Lalo was born in Pima, Arizona. His parents were named Jesus Encinas and Jacinta Bustamante; both hailed from Mexico. Eventually he went to Hollywood and began working as an actor. He was noted for his tall stature, as he reportedly was six feet, four inches tall, and weighted 280 pounds.[3]


Year Title Role Notes
1923 The Planter Magdaleno
1923 The Lone Horseman
1923 Snowdrift Joe Pete
1923 The Huntress Beavertail
1930 Only the Brave Gen. Grant's Secretary
1933 Flying Down to Rio Lackey Uncredited
1934 The Cat's-Paw Chinese Guard Uncredited
1934 Kid Millions Warrior Uncredited
1935 Call of the Wild Kali
1936 Rose of the Rancho Overseer Uncredited
1937 Waikiki Wedding Policeman Uncredited
1937 San Quentin Convict Uncredited
1941 Hurry, Charlie, Hurry Frozen Foot
1943 Adventure in Iraq Iraqi Guard Uncredited
1948 Mexican Hayride Mexican Man Uncredited
1950 Young Daniel Boone Shawnee Chief Uncredited, (final film role)


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