Lake Tragadero

Lake Tragadero (Spanish: "Laguna Tragadero") is a lake in the Junín Region in Peru.

Lake Tragadero
Laguna Tragadero
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Lake Tragadero
LocationJunín Region
Coordinates11°45′51″S 75°32′30″W / 11.764167°S 75.541667°W / -11.764167; -75.541667Coordinates: 11°45′51″S 75°32′30″W / 11.764167°S 75.541667°W / -11.764167; -75.541667
Basin countriesPeru
Surface elevation3,818 m (12,526 ft)

The area has dry winters and warm summers and can be sensitive to seismic activities.

The nearest city is Jauja, the main city of Jauja Province.

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