Lake Sartlan

Lake Sartlan (Russian: Озеро Сартлан) is an endorheic hyposaline lake in the Baraba steppe of Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia. Sartlan has a surface area of 238 km2 (92 sq mi). It is the third largest lake in Novosibirsk Oblast after Lake Chany and Lake Ubinskoye. It has an average depth of about 3 m and a maximum depth of 6 m.

Lake Sartlan
Lake Sartlan is located in Russia
Lake Sartlan
Lake Sartlan
Lake Sartlan is located in Novosibirsk Oblast
Lake Sartlan
Lake Sartlan
LocationNovosibirsk Oblast, Russia
Coordinates54°59′N 78°35′E / 54.983°N 78.583°E / 54.983; 78.583Coordinates: 54°59′N 78°35′E / 54.983°N 78.583°E / 54.983; 78.583
Catchment area2,020 km2 (780 sq mi)
Surface area238 km2 (92 sq mi)
Max. depth6 m (20 ft)
Surface elevation110 m (360 ft)

In 1948 and 1984, cases of Haff disease were recorded near the lake. It is also known as Sartlan disease.



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