Lake Salinas

Lake Salinas is a salt lake in the Arequipa Region in Peru. It is situated in the Arequipa Province, Tarucani District.[2]

Lake Salinas
Laguna Salinas, Peru.jpg
LocationArequipa Region, Arequipa Province
Coordinates16°22′05″S 71°08′09″W / 16.368056°S 71.135833°W / -16.368056; -71.135833Coordinates: 16°22′05″S 71°08′09″W / 16.368056°S 71.135833°W / -16.368056; -71.135833
Basin countriesPeru
Official nameBofedales y Laguna de Salinas
Designated28 October 2003
Reference no.1317[1]

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