Lake Bugeac, also known as Lake Gârlița, is a lake in Northern Dobruja, Romania. It is located in a calcareous depression near the Danube, the water exchange with the latter being regulated by a weir.

Bugeac is located in Romania
LocationNorthern Dobruja, Romania
Coordinates44°5′0″N 27°26′20″E / 44.08333°N 27.43889°E / 44.08333; 27.43889Coordinates: 44°5′0″N 27°26′20″E / 44.08333°N 27.43889°E / 44.08333; 27.43889
TypeFluvial Liman[1]
Primary inflowsRiver Almălău
Primary outflowsRiver Danube
Basin countriesRomania, Bulgaria
Surface area14.82 km2 (5.72 sq mi)[1]
Surface elevation9 m (30 ft)[1]

Because the lake is an overwintering region located on an important migration route for aquatic birds (the most important being the dalmatian pelican), lake Buceag and the surrounding area have been declared a nature reserve.[2]


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