Lady Xiao

Lady Xiao (personal name unknown), also known as Yileilan (伊勒兰) was a Khitan noble lady of imperial China's Liao dynasty. She was one of the Xiao sisters along with Xiao Hunian and Xiao Yanyan. [1]

Lady Xiao
Princess of Song
SpouseYelü Xiyin
Family name: Xiāo ()
Khitan name: Yileilan ()
FatherXiao Siwen
MotherYelü Lübugu


Lady Xiao was the second daughter of Xiao Siwen (蕭思溫), Liao's chancellor and Yelü Lübugu, Princess Yan. She had two sisters, Xiao Yanyan and Xiao Hunian. She married Yelü Xiyin (耶律喜隱), the son of former Crown Prince Yelü Lihu.

In 960, Yelü Xiyin plotted a rebellion against then-reigning Emperor Muzong (Emperor Taizong's son Yelü Jing). As a result, both he and Yelü Lihu were arrested and placed in jail. Yelü Lihu died in jail, but Yelü Xiyin was subsequently released after Lady Xiao's brother-in-law Yelü Xian ascended to the throne as Emperor Jingzong.

However, Yelü Xiyin later planned another rebellion against Emperor Jingzong. He was captured, and his son with Lady Xiao was murdered by Liao troops. Seeking revenge for her husband and son, Lady Xiao attempted to poison the then Empress Dowager Xiao Yanyan. She failed, and was forced to commit suicide.

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