The Legend of Xiao Chuo

The Legend of Xiao Chuo (Chinese: 燕云台; pinyin: Yan Yun Tai) is a 2020 Chinese television series based on the novel Yan Yun Tai by Jiang Shengnan. It stars Tiffany Tang in the title role, along with Shawn Dou, Charmaine Sheh and Jing Chao.[1] The series chronicles the life of legendary Empress Xiao Yanyan.[2][3]

The Legend of Xiao Chuo
GenreHistorical fiction
Based onYan Yun Tai by Jiang Shengnan
Written byJiang Shengnan
Directed byJeffrey Jiang Chiang
Peng Xuejun
StarringTiffany Tang
Shawn Dou
Charmaine Sheh
Jing Chao
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes48
Executive producerHan Zhijie
ProducersQi Shuai
Wang Juan
Sun Zhonghuai
Running time45 min
Production companyTencent Penguin Pictures
Original networkTencent Video
First shown inChina


This is the story of Xiao Yanyan, also known as Xiao Chuo from the Liao dynasty.

Xiao Yanyan (portrayed by Tiffany Tang) is the third daughter of prime minister Xiao Siwen and Princess Yan. She falls in love with the young lieutenant Han Derang (portrayed by Shawn Dou) and the couple eventually decide to marry each other. However, their promise of love is severed when Xiao Siwen agrees to let Yelü Xian (portrayed by Jing Chao) take Yanyan as his empress after the latter succeeds the throne. Xiao Yanyan's relationship with sisters Xiao Hunian (portrayed by Charmaine Sheh) and Wuguli (portrayed by Lu Shan) also deteriorate due to the power struggle between the women's husbands, who each believe they have a legitimate claim to the throne.

When Yelu Xian was critically ill, he entrusted her the government and she eventually became the most important woman in the history of Liao. She broke political boundaries, pushed the public to implement the New Deal, completed the process of the Sinicization of the Liao dynasty from the original tribe to the feudal dynasty, promoted the integration of the Khitan and the Han people, and made the Liao dynasty prosperous and continuous. Emotionally, she pursued bravely - disregarding the widow's voice and the world's material opinions.[4]



Actors Characters Character's description Titles and ranks
Tiffany Tang Xiao Yanyan The legendary Empress Regent Xiao Chuo and the youngest Xiao sister. A smart and competitive person, as a young girl, she has always been loved by her parents. She is an extremely passionate person with lots of interests and is also very devoted. Although she's always been in love with Han Derang, fate and conditions force her to break with him and enter the Palace as Yelü Xian's concubine, subsequently becoming his Empress. She has 3 children with Yelü Xian and after his death, their oldest son, Yelü Longxu, ascended the throne and she became the Empress Dowager. She later remarried Han Derang. Xiao Yanyan the 3rd Young Miss of Xiao Mansion (蕭燕燕 宰相府三小姐), Noble Consort Xiao (蕭貴妃), Empress Xiao (蕭皇后), Empress Regent Xiao (蕭攝政皇后), Empress Dowager Xiao (蕭皇太后).
Shawn Dou Han Derang, King of Jin A Liao general who is Xiao Yanyan's lover and ex-fiance. A brave and smart young man. He is forced to break up with Yanyan in spite of their love and engagement. He was one of Yelü Xian's trusted people in the Palace but felt betrayed and disappointed after he forced Yanyan to be his concubine. Later, he was reluctantly ordered to marry Li Si by his mother. He always accompanied Yanyan and assisted her in state affairs. In the end, he remarried again Yanyan. Han Derang the 4th Young Master of Han Mansion (韓德讓), Military Commander (郎君軍右統領), Privy Council General (樞密院通事), South Chancellor (南院樞密史), Prime Minister (大丞相), King of Jin (晉王).
Lu Zhanxiang (young)
Charmaine Sheh Xiao Hunian, Queen Taiping The eldest of the Xiao sisters. A strong Liao female soldier who is good at inspecting the military, opening up territories and commanding the three armies to fight together. Initially, she has unrequited feelings for Han Derang but later sacrifices herself for the sake of Xiao family and marries Yelü Yansage. Although her marriage with Yansage was just a loveless political marriage at the start, she becomes moved by Yansage's affection and consequently fell in love with him. After his death, she meets with Talan A'bo who rescues her when she was riding an accident outdoors and later develops a mutual romantic affection. However, after learning the truth about Yansage's death, she began to resent Yanyan and then left Beijing. Her love story ends in tragedy with A'bo as well. Xiao Hunian the 1st Young Miss of Xiao Mansion (萧胡辇 宰相府一小姐), Queen Taiping (太平王妃), Dowager Queen Taiping (皇太妃).
Jing Chao Yelü Xian, King Mingyi The fifth ruler of Liao and Xiao Yanyan's husband who is deeply in love with her. Despite the evident relationship between Xiao Yanyan and Han Derang, he still ordered her to enter the Palace as his concubine not long after his ascension to the throne. Before his death in Episode 41 in the series, the Liao Kingdom is handed over to Xiao Yanyan and making her the Empress Regent. Yelü Xian (耶律贤), King Mingyi (明扆), Emperor Jingzong of Liao (遼景宗).


People around Xiao sistersEdit

  • Liu Yijun as Xiao Siwen, King of Wei
    • Prime Minister of Liao Kingdom. He is the father of Xiao sisters and a good father who loved all his daughters. However, for the sake of the overall situation and family glory, he agrees to make Yanyan, his youngest daughter marry Yelü Xian. Later, when he a accompanied Xian on the hunt, he was assassinated by Gao Xun's people.
  • Lu Shan as Xiao Wuguili, Queen of Zhao
    • The second Xiao sisters and is the main villian. An innocent, naive but willful girl. She later marries Yelü Xiyin and gives birth to a son named Liulishou. Although in an unrequited relationship, she allows him to use her. She then takes a revenge for the death of her husband and her son with tried to unite with the three kings to conspire, cooperated with Queen of Ji, also want to poisoned Yanyan. After it was discovered, she later committed suicide on the spot. Before her death, she told Hunian if her husband was death because of Yanyan.
  • Wang Ziquan as Xiao Dalin, King of Lanling County
    • Xiao Siwen's nephew and Xiao sisters's big cousin. He later died after get shot by the Southern Armies.
  • Sheng Yilun as Dalan A'bo / Talan A'bo
    • The slave Xiao Hunian falls in love with. He was rescued by Hunian when he was in danger and later become her lover. In the end series, he died for protect Hunian too.
  • Gong Wanyi as Xiao Hailan
    • Xiao Taogu's daughter and Xiao Yanyan's niece. Yelü Xiezhen feel in love with her at first sight and after Yanyan know their feels, she try to make them two get married.
  • Feng Qilong as Xiao Haizhi, one of Xiao Siwen's nephew who turned to against him. He later executed by Xiao Yanyan.
  • Gu Caobin as Xiao Haili, one of Xiao Siwen's nephew who turned to against him along with Xiao Haizi, his older brother.
  • Ren Xihong as Xiao Taogu, Xiao Hailan's father.
  • Li Junwei as Xiao Weiyin, Xiao Pusage's father.

People around Han DerangEdit

  • Meng Ziyi as Li Si, Mrs. Han
    • A noble lady who is in love with Han Derang and later became his wife. However, she accidentally drank a poisonous alcohol and then died.
  • Jiang Kai as Han Kuangsi, King of Yan
    • Han Derang's father and Xiao Siwen's confidant. He is an Imperial physician.
  • Juan Zi as Madame Han, Queen of Yan
    • Han Derang's mother who always support him.
  • Deng Ying as Madame Li, Li Si's mother.
  • Zhuyuan as Madame Xiao Han, Han Derang's sister and Xiao Pusage's mother after her marriage with Xiao Weiyin.

Imperial HouseholdEdit

  • Tan Kai as Yelü Yanchege, King Taiping, then King of Qi (Imperial Uncle)
    • Xiao Hunian's husband and Yelü Jing's younger brother. An ambitious man who likes to has many power and after his nephew, Yelü Xian ascended the throne, he become the Imperial Uncle. Despite his ambition, he truly loves Hunian and always take care of her in every possible way. However, when he tries to conspiracies, he got hit by an arrow from Xiao Yanyan and finally passed away in Hunian's arms.
  • Ji Chen as Yelü Xiyin, King of Zhao
    • Xiao Wuguili's husband and one of the villain, also the cousin of Yelü Xian. His love and marriage with Wuguili was not sincere at first, only interested in her family's power and just using of her. However, after get together for a long time, he then sincerely love her and has a son named Liulishou. Later, he got exile to Zuzhou after he try to rebel the Emperor's throne. Not long after that, he then died along with his son.
  • Shao Bing as Great King Wuzhi, the oldest member in the Liao Imperial Family.
  • Li Ning as Yelü Jing, the Emperor
    • One of the villain, Yelü Yanchege's older brother and Yelü Xian's uncle. He also be the one who responsible about Xian's father death. Although he didn't close with a woman, but he has a fickle feelings and so tempestuous, also suffered from his severe persecution delusions. As a result, countless peoples died tragically because of his delusions. As the result, he is killed by the guards around him.
  • Wang Yuanke as Empress Zhen
    • The former Empress of Liao and Yelü Zhimo's birth mother. She is the only Han Empress Consort in Liao's history.
  • Simon Lian as Yelü Zhimo, King of Ning
    • Yelü Xian's half little brother and Empress Zhen's son. However, he has an affair with one of Yelü Jing's maid, An Zhi and after it was discovered by Jing own, he lost one of his eye to protect An Zhi and then become half blind, also sentenced to imperial punishment and became an eunuch. After An Zhi's death, he started live alone in his Mansion and became a Buddhist monk.
  • Zhao Yuanyuan as An Zhi, Queen of Ning
    • A Palace maid that in loves with Yelü Zhimo. However, she's too ambitious that makes she killed by Zhimo own hand because of her conspiracy.
  • Monica Mok as Yileilan, Queen of Ji
    • Yelü Dilie's wife. Later, she blame Han Derang about her husband's death in the battlefield. Then, Xiao Yanyan gave her a poisoned wine and killed herself.
  • Wang Junpeng as Yelü Dilie, King of Ji
    • Yelü Jing and Yelü Yanchege's half little brother. He often look down on himself because of his biological mother's status just a maidservant. He has an ambition to ascending the throne and become the Emperor of Liao. Because of his greed, he got ambush and kill by Song army along with his son.
  • Wang Huichun as Yelü Lihu
    • Yelü Xiyin's father and Xiao Wuguili's father in-law. He later sat and died in the prison because of his son's conspiracy.
  • Zhou Siyu as Yelü Liulishou
    • Xiao Wuguili and Yelü Xiyin's son. He later died along with his father when try to make a rebellion in Shangjing.
  • Rong Zixi as Consort Xige
    • An arrogant and proud young lady who selected as Yelü Xian's concubine because she is Master Nüli's niece. She always jealous when see and hear if Xiao Yanyan and Yelü Xian get together. She is urged the two Dowager Consorts and forced them to tell if Xiao Siwen was death to Xiao Yanyan. Later, Xian order her to sent her to the cold palace after it was discovered and she also participate in Yelü Yanchege's rebellion which later she died in there.
  • Ren Hongmo as Yelü Daoyin, King of Shu
    • Xiao Wuguili and Queen of Ji's hand, he want to conspiracy and make a rebellion to fulfill his own wish. He later drink a poison in the order from Empress Dowager Xiao Yanyan after Xiao Wuguili's death.
  • Sun Yali as Yelü Hugudian, Princess of Qin
    • Yelü Xian's younger sister and Xiao Chuoli's wife.
  • Wang Churan as Yu Xiao, Consort of Bohai
    • Yelü Xian's later concubine, a lady that experts in Medicine and after become his concubine, she bore him a son. She later kill herself after know if he was death and she couldn't cure his ill.
  • Crystal Zhang as Consort Puge, Yelü Ruan's widow concubine.
  • Huang Xiaoge as Consort Chuoli, Yelü Ruan's widow concubine.
  • Yang Anqi as Yelü Ting, Princess Yicheng
    • Yelü Xiang's daughter and later married with Li Jiqian.
  • Wang Yang Mei Zi as Queen of Shu
  • Chen Hao as Wenshunu, Yelü Longxu, King of Liang, Xiao Yanyan and Yelü Xian's son.
    • Cary Ye as teenage Wenshunu
      • Leo Pei as child Wenshunu
  • Yang Yutong as Xiao Pusage, Yelü Longxu's wife. She is Han Derang's niece.
    • Tao Yixi as young Xiao Pusage
  • Hang Chengyu as Yelü Wage, Yelü Dilie's son.

Prime ministers and other Yelü peoplesEdit

  • Ruan Shengwen as Yelü Xiuge
    • One of Yelü Xian's trusted person in the court and Yelü Xiezhen's uncle. Later, he died because of his illness in episode 47.
  • Tim Yu as Yelü Xiezhen, Great King Nanyuan
    • A bright young man who is in love with Xiao Hailan, Xiao Yanyan's niece.
  • Guan Yajun as Minister Gao Xun
    • A hungry-power and manipulative man who is jealous with Xiao Siwen's power and for defeat him, he provoked Xiao Haili and Xiao Haizi to assassinate him. He later died after stabbed by Xiao Dalin because of his rebellion with Yelü Yanchage.
  • Leo Jiang as Master Nüli
    • Consort Xige's uncle and likes Gao Xun, he also jealous with Xiao Siwen's power. For secure his position, he do the same like Gao Xun and join in Yelü Yanchege's rebellion. He later died after get an fire-archery shot by Yelü Xiuge.
  • A Sihan as Yelü Molugu, Yelü Hugu's son and Xiao Yanyan's lover.
    • Xue Hanyu as young Yelü Molugu
  • Han Dong as Yelü Hugu
    • Yelü Molugu's father. He later killed by Han Derang after try to killed the Dowager Empress Xiao Yanyan.
  • Xiao Moge as Yelü Longxian, King of Ping
  • Chen Tao as Yelü Shao, King of Wu
  • Zhang Jinyuan as Shi Fang, Prime Minister of Beifu.
  • Guo Jun as Yelü Chage, King Taining
    • One of Yelü Yanchege's person who helps him in killed the former Emperor Yelü Ruan.
  • Zhao Qiang as Yelü Xidi
  • Hou Zhuyuan as Liu Zigu
  • Tian Kai as Yelü Xianshi, Envoy of the North Privy Council.
  • Jin Youming as Yelü Sha, Prime minister of Nanfu.


  • Zhang Gong as Diligu, an Imperial Physician.
  • Huang Hai as Shuanggu
  • Mu Leen as Liang Ge, Xiao Yanyan's attendant after entered palace.
  • Yu Menghan as Qing Ge, Xiao Yanyan's attendant who gives an poisonous alcohol to Han Derang and Li Si. She later saved by Xiao Hunian, Yanyan's oldest sister.
  • Han Shuo as Xinning, Han Derang's loyal bodyguard
  • Li Yizhen as An Xi, Xiao Hunian's attendant.
  • Cao Feiran as Fu Hui, Xiao Hunian's attendant.
  • Zhang Qiaoqiao as Chong Jiu, Xiao Wuguili's attendant who killed by Yelü Xiyin.
  • Ma Mengqiao as Gui Yin, Xiao Wuguili's attendant.
  • Fu Fengnan as Po'er, Yelü Xian's eunuch.
  • Shi Danjiang as Hu Si, Xiao Siwen's subordinate.
  • Yu Hongliang as Gao Liu, Yelü Yanchege's subordinate.
  • Zhu Feng as Nianmugun, Yelü Yanchege's confidant and trusted assistant.
  • Rachel Yang as Yun'er, Li Si's maid.
  • Katherine Zhao as Fang'er, Li Si's attendant.
  • He Long as Salan, Yelü Xiyin's butler.
  • Ma Mengqiao as Xiao Wuguli's maid who misunderstood with her due to an incident.
  • Meng Zhichao as Hulie
  • Ayden Wong as Chu Bu, at first was Yelü Yanchege's assistant, but later become Yelü Xian's assistant.
  • Patty Hou as Zi Su, Queen of Ji's maid.
  • Luo Ning as A Gu, Yelü Xiezhen's bodyguard.
  • Xie Shanshan as Tabu, An Zhi's maid who got poisoned by her own.


  • Yang Chen as Bai Hai
  • Huang Chengcheng as Ji Geng
  • Zhang Keyan as Nai Wanshi
  • Henry Han as Xiao Chuoli, Princess of Qin's husband.
  • Yin Zeqiang as Shi Lu
  • Shen Xuewei as Wang Jizhong
  • Yang Di as Li Zha
  • Pang Xiandong as Lu Cun
  • Zhang Zhenjiang as Lu Duan's father
  • Wen Wei as Lu Duan's mother
  • Zhou Zixin as Kou Kui
  • Da Qing as Tuo Li
  • Wilson Wang as Hu Er'bo

Rilian TribeEdit

  • Huo Zhengyan as Abohe
    • The new head of Rilian Tribe and Han Derang's best friend when he goes to travelling because Derang once save his life.

Special appearancesEdit

  • Jin Jia as Yelü Ruan, the former Emperor of Liao who killed by Yelü Jing. He is Yelü Xian, Yelü Zhimo, and Yelü Hugudian's father.
  • Zhou Yanyan as Xiao Gu, a Witch Doctor.
  • Liu Wei as Liu Jieli
  • Chen Qi as Yelü Hou
  • Li Tongdong as Xiheshuonu
  • Chen Entao as Wanyanyuanke
  • Yue Hailong as a Jurchen man
  • Liu Shuai as King of Gaoli
  • Shi Qiang as King of Bohai
  • Wang Rong as King of Zubu
  • Jiang Bingwen as Head of Wamo
  • Zheng Chen as Head of Shiwei
  • Shi Yixuan as Yuwan
  • Zhang Zhenjiang as Lu Rui's father
  • Shi Danjiang as Husi
  • Zhuang Ying as Wuluben


Mainland ChineseEdit

1."Yan Yun Tai (燕云台)" (Opening Theme Song)Henry Huo 
2."Ruo Yan (若燕)" (Ending Theme Song)Shang Wenjie 
3."Soul of Misses (相思魂)"Tim Yu 
4."Cold Smoke Rain (冷煙雨)"Feng Yiyao 

Hong KongEdit

1."Shui Ren Zai Shen Bian (誰人在身邊)" (Theme Song)Zhang MeixiangJoey Wong 


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BTV-1   China November 3, 2020 Everyday at 19:30 pm
WeTV Members: Everyday at 19:40 pm[5]
Non-members: Everyday at 22:00 (free)
WeTV   Taiwan
myTV SUPER C-Club   Hong Kong Only 4 episodes in the first day
(Every 2 episodes update in Saturdays at 22:00 pm)
TVB Anywhere Only 6 episodes in the first day
(Every 2 episodes update in Saturdays at 22:00 pm)
Astro GO   Malaysia
December 1, 2020 Only 6 episodes in the first day
(Every 1 episode update at 22:00 pm)
TVB Jade   Hong Kong January 4, 2021 Every Mondays–Fridays at 20:30–21:30
Every Saturdays at 20:30–22:30 (2 episodes)
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TVB Jade
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Fairchild TV2 HD   Canada Every Mondays–Fridays at 16:30–17:30
Every Saturdays at 14:00–16:00 (2 episodes, Cantonese dubbing)
Every Mondays–Fridays at 19:30–20:30
Every Saturdays at 17:00–19:00 (2 episodes, Cantonese dubbing)
TVB Jade   Australia December 29, 2020 Every Tuesdays–Saturdays at 20:30–21:30
Every Sundays at 20:30–22:30 (2 episodes)
Every Mondays at 20:30–21:30 (2 episodes, Cantonese dubbing)
8TV   Malaysia October 28, 2021 Every Mondays–Thursdays at 21:00–22:00


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