The Lady Cop is a fictional police officer, a comic book character published by DC Comics. She debuted in 1st Issue Special #4 (July 1975), and was created by Robert Kanigher and John Rosenberger.

Lady Cop
Lady Cop from 1st Issue Special #4, artist Dick Giordano.[1]
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearance1st Issue Special #4
(July 1975)
Created byRobert Kanigher
John Rosenberger
In-story information
Alter egoLiza Warner

The Lady Cop is Liza Warner, a young woman who watches from beneath a bed as a murderer in cowboy boots slaughters her two roommates, leaving the ace of spades behind as his calling card. Later a policewoman (circa 1975) praises her eidetic memory, calling her a "born police officer". Liza enrolls in the unnamed metropolitan city's police academy, performing her civic duty while hoping to one day find the mysterious "killer in boots".[2][3] After a long absence, Liza Warner appeared in The All-New Atom #6 and #12, now as chief of police for Ivy Town.

An antagonistic version of Liza Warner appeared in the fourth and fifth seasons of Arrow, played by Rutina Wesley set in the Arrowverse.

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  • Rutina Wesley portrays Liza Warner in the fourth and fifth seasons of Arrow. In this depiction, Liza Warner is a police sergeant of the SCPD and a member of the anti-vigilante task force whose unit goes rogue after Quentin Lance disbands the task force following the events of the third season. They clash with Team Arrow and kidnap Lance, but he manages to convince them to surrender, stating that there are other ways to save the city besides rogue justice. Warner later escapes from prison and teams up with Carrie Cutter and China White in an attempt to overtake Star City with Tobias Church's money. The trio are defeated by Team Arrow and arrested by the SCPD.

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