Ladislaus Garai

Ladislaus Garai, also Ladislas Garai, (Hungarian: Garai László; c. 1410 – February or April 1459) was Palatine of Hungary from 1447 to 1458, and Ban of Macsó between 1431 and 1441 and from 1445 and 1447.

Ladislaus Garai
Garai László pecsétje.jpg
Seal of Ladislaus Garai
Palatine of Hungary
In office
MonarchsLadislaus V, Matthias I
Preceded byLawrence Hédervári
Succeeded byMichael Ország
Ban of Macsó
In office
MonarchsSigismund, Albert, Vladislaus I
Preceded byStephen Újlaki
Succeeded byDesiderius Garay
In office
MonarchLadislaus V
Preceded byEmeric Hédervári
Succeeded byStephen Bebek
Personal details
Bornc. 1410
Parent(s)Nicholas II Garai (father)
Anna of Celje (mother)


Ladislaus was the son of Nicholas Garai, Palatine of Hungary and his wife, Anna of Celje.[1] His father was a most powerful baron in the Kingdom of Hungary in the reign of King Sigismund.[2] Ladislaus's mother—a daughter of Hermann II, Count of Celje—was the sister of King Sigismund's wife, Barbara of Celje.[3] Ladislaus was born around 1410, but he was first mentioned in a royal charter of 1424.[1]



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Born: c. 1410  Died: 1459
Political offices
Preceded by
Peter Cseh de Léva
Ban of Macsó
alongside Desiderius Garai (1431–1438)
and Nicholas Újlaki (1438–1441)

Succeeded by
Nicholas Újlaki
Ladislaus Maróti
Preceded by
Emeric Hédervári
Ban of Macsó
Succeeded by
Stephen Bebek
John Kórógyi
Preceded by Palatine of Hungary
Succeeded by