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Labuan War Cemetery (Malay: Tanah Perkuburan Perang Labuan) is a Commonwealth World War II graveyard in Labuan, Malaysia. Many of the personnel buried in this cemetery, including Indian and Australian troops, were killed during the Japanese invasion of Borneo or the Borneo campaign of 1945. Others were prisoners of war in the region, including a number of those who perished on the infamous Sandakan Death Marches.

Labuan War Cemetery
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Labuan War Cemetery
Used for those deceased 1942–1945
Established28 December 1945
Location5°17′13″N 115°15′43″E / 5.2870°N 115.2619°E / 5.2870; 115.2619Coordinates: 5°17′13″N 115°15′43″E / 5.2870°N 115.2619°E / 5.2870; 115.2619
Total burials3,908
Burials by nation
Specific figures are not available
Burials by war
Statistics source: Labuan War Cemetery Info

This graveyard was erected by Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Among those buried are Jack Mackey (1922–1945) and Tom Derrick (1914–1945), each of whom received the Victoria Cross.[1][2]



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