La reina del mambo

La reina del mambo (The Queen of the Mambo), also known as Sin tí (Without You) is a 1951 Mexican drama film. It stars María Antonieta Pons and Sara García.

La reina del mambo
Directed byRamón Pereda
Produced byRamón Pereda
Written byAdolfo Ferna´ndez Bustamante
Ramón Pereda
StarringMaría Antonieta Pons
Sara García
Gustavo Rojo
Music byManuel Esperón
CinematographyDomingo Carrillo
Distributed byPereda Films
Release date
  • 28 February 1951 (1951-02-28)
Running time
99 minutes


Consuelo (María Antonieta Pons), excited with the scoundrel Victor (Eduardo Noriega), ends with her boyfriend, the attorney Luis (Gustavo Rojo). The judge Balderas, father of the girl, warns her against Victor. Victor seduces the young girl with the help of a drug and takes to Ciudad Juarez, where she was sexually exploited. Consuelo, advised by her friend La Norteña, escapes to the Mexico City and triumphs as a cabaret dancer. She was called Carmen La Tirana by the harshness with which she treats to the men. Victor comes to search her and the conflicts develops in the plot. The girl falls unjustly in prison, where she was helped by a friendly drunk old woman (Sara García), who really turns out to be a very rich woman.



The communicating vessels of the film melodrama are infinite: The director, Ramón Pereda baptized to the rumbera heroin with a Spanish nickname; and the maternal protection of Sara García than in other melodramas has proved to be a fierce advocate of the virtue. But Sara García was not a sweet grandmother as is usual, she was a drunk woman, perhaps inspired by Libertad Lamarque in the film La Marquesa del barrio. Of course, Damaso Perez Prado contributed to this film with the mambo of El ruletero.[1]


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