La Hija del Jardinero

La Hija Del Jardinero ("The Gardener's Daughter") is a Mexican telenovela directed by Luis Alberto Lamata. It aired from August 18, 2003 until April 23, 2004 on TV Azteca in Mexico.

La Hija del Jardinero
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GenreTelenovela, Romantic drama
Created byMariela Romero
Written byMariela Romero, Lorenza Engell, Freddy Salvador Hernández
Directed byLuis Alberto Lamata
StarringMariana Ochoa, Carlos Torres
Music byKatharine McPhee and Andrea Bocelli
Opening theme"Somos Novios" (Armando Manzanero featuring Mariana Ochoa)
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes180
ProducerIgor Manrique
CinematographySergio Treviño
Original networkTV Azteca
Original releaseAugust 18, 2003 (2003-08-18) –
April 23, 2004 (2004-04-23)
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La Hija Del Jardinero was the first soap opera or telenovela that featured actress Mariana Ochoa. Ochoa played the main role, Luisa Fernanda, a talented and beautiful girl from a family that hides a secret. She fell in love with the character Carlos Eduardo, a smart doctor, who has a girlfriend named Jennifer de la Vega.

As predictable as this seems, this medium soap-opera talks about many ordinary things in life: love, exile, hate, greed and all the small things that life is about. However, the interesting plot finds a way to intertwine the characters in the most irrational and unexpected way, where Luisa Fernanda falls in love with her stepbrother Carlos Eduardo, where none of them knows the truth of their past.

Years ago, Luisa Fernanda's mother, Amelia, fell in love with Luis Alejandro Montero and got pregnant. Amelia's father, Fernando, got so mad that he never let her come back home, thinking that the gardener was the father. The fact is that the real father Luis Alejandro Montero whose first action was to unrecognize his daughter and immediately marry an older woman, Marisa Gomez Ruiz. She had a son, who fell in love years later with Amelia's daughter, Luisa Fernanda. When Montero married Marisa, the owner of the bank, he wanted to ruin her and her son Carlos Eduardo when she goes to a coma but he fails. Consuela, Amelia's sister, who hated her niece Luisa and was in love with Montero later dies in a car accident trying to reach her niece to tell her father the truth: Luisa Fernanda will be the heiress of her grandfather Fernando Alkantera too or the only one and not only or at all Consuela.


Actor Character Known as
Mariana Ochoa Luisa Fernanda Pérez / young Amelia Alcántara Main Heroine, daughter of Amelia and Luis Alejandro, adopted daughter of Pedro, in love with Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Torres Carlos Eduardo Gómez Ruíz Main Hero, doctor, son of Marisa, in love with Luisa Fernanda
José Alonso Fernando Alcántara Villain in first episodes, then good. Rich businessman, father of Amelia and Consuelo
Sergio Kleiner Lic. Antonio Ordóñez Attorney, collegaue of Marisa
Fernando Ciangherotti Luis Alejandro Montero Main Villain. Husband of Marisa, stepfather of Carlos, father of Luisa Fernanda and Armando
Ramiro Huerta Pedro Pérez Gardener, husband of Amelia.
Kenya Gascon Marisa Gómez Ruíz Bank owner, mother of Carlos Eduardo, wife of Luis Alejndro
Ángela Fuste Amelia Alcántara Daughter of Don Fernando, mother of Luisa Fernanda, wife of Pedro, died in a car accident
Alpha Acosta Consuelo Alcántara Main Villain. Daughter of Don Fernando, wife of Heriberto, died in a car accident, when she hallucinates her sister
Gerardo Acuña Heriberto Sotomayor Villain, Husband of Consuelo, father of Vanessa, died of a brain tumour
Alejandra Lazcano Vanessa Sotomayor Daughter of Heriberto, friend of Luisa Fernada, in love with Carlos Eduardo then with Orlando
Gabriela Vergara Jennifer de la Vega Villain. In love with Carlos Eduardo, sister of Carolina
Kenya Mori Carolina 'Caro' de la Vega Younger sister of Jennifer, in love with Armando
Betty Monroe Andreina Torres Colleague of Jennifer, lover of Luis Alejandro
Eduardo Victoria Leopoldo Araoz Villain, Friend of Luis Alejandro, later enemy of Luis Alejandro
Ana Ofelia Murguía Rigoberta Rondón Don Fernando's housekeeper
Loló Navarro Rosario Nanny of Carlos Eduardo
Laura Padilla Sister Joaquina Sister of Pedro
Mariana Urrutia Sister Sonrisa Friend of Luisa Fernanda
Nubia Martí Guadalupe 'Lupe' González Collegaue of Marisa, mother of César, in love with Lic. Ordóñez
Luis Alberto López César Gonzalez Friend of Luisa Fernanda, son of Guadalupe, in love with Clarita
Erika de la Rosa Clarita Maid in Marisa's house, in love with César
Carina Sarti Alicia Luis Alejandro's secretary
Abel Woolrich Pancho Gardener, collegaue of Pedro
Angélica Magaña Lucero Friend of Luisa Fernanda and Vanessa
Mariana Isla Gabriela School-mate of Carolina, Luisa Fernanda, Lucero and Vanessa
Eduardo Arroyuelo Augusto Prieto Attorney, friend of Luisa Fernanda
Masha Kostiurina young Consuelo Alcántara Daughter of Don Fernando
Carlos East Jr. Armando Pereira / young Luis Alejandro Montero Son of Luis Alejandro, in love with Carolina
Luis Gerónimo Abreu Dr. Alfredo Anzola Doctor
Cinthia Vázquez Xóchitl Infante Maid in Alfredo'house, in love with Alfredo
José Antonio Coro Dr. Arreola Doctor
Juan Luis Orendain Dr. Serrano Doctor
Rodrigo Abed Guillermo PR manager
Seraly Morales Marina Colleague of Guillermo
Alberto Casanova Bobby Friend of Armando
Fernando Sarfati Rubén Cortés Father of César
Jesús Vargas Francisco Solórzano Private detective, worked for Luis Alejandro
Luis Penagos Ignacio
Luis Ernesto Franco Orlando Musician, in love with Vanessa
Dora Cordero
Shirley Sánchez


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