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La Digue and Inner Islands is one of the 26 districts of Seychelles. It consists of the island of La Digue and assorted smaller islands of the Inner Islands.

La Digue and Inner Islands
La Digue and Inner Islands is located in Seychelles
La Digue and Inner Islands
La Digue and Inner Islands
La Digue and Inner Islands district in The Seychelles (Inner Islands in insert)
Coordinates4°21′13″S 55°50′13″E / 4.35361°S 55.83694°E / -4.35361; 55.83694Coordinates: 4°21′13″S 55°50′13″E / 4.35361°S 55.83694°E / -4.35361; 55.83694
ArchipelagoInner Islands, Seychelles
Adjacent bodies of waterIndian Ocean
Total islands15
Major islands
Area41.6 km2 (16.1 sq mi)
GroupInner Islands
Sub-GroupGranitic Seychelles
DistrictsLa Digue and Inner Islands
Largest settlementLa Passe (pop. ~2200)
Population3506 (2014)
Ethnic groupsCreole, French, East Africans, Indians.
Additional information
Time zone
ISO codeSC-15


La Digue and Inner Islands district has an area of 41.6 square kilometres (16.1 sq mi) and a population of 3506 as of 2012. The population density is 83.8 inhabitants / km2.[1][2] It is located in the Inner Islands. Most of the islands of the district belong to the Granitic Seychelles.


The district was created in 1994 when the government united former La Digue District and Silhouette District. It is managed by a district administrator, which is seated in the main village of La Passe.[3][4]

Since 1994 the district has a "Local Government" which is a unit from the Ministry of Local Government, Youth and Sports. The unit's role is to promote the availability of public services at the local level. The district's motto is: "Avancons lentement mais surement" (Advance slowly but surely).[3]

Table of IslandsEdit

Nr. Island Capital Area
of 2012
01 Bird Island, Seychelles Bird Village 0.94 38
02 Denis Island St. denis 1.43 80
03 Felicite Island La penice 2.68 20
04 Fregate Island Marina 2.07 214
05 Iles Soeurs grand Soeurs 1.13 2
06 La Digue La Passe 10.08 2800
07 Marianne Island Ans La Cour 0.97 0
08 North Island, Seychelles North Island Lodge 2.01 152
09 Other Islands 0.3 0
10 Silhouette La Passe 20.1 200
  La Digue and Inner Islands La Passe 41.6 3506


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