LNB Pro A Best Defender

The LNB Pro A Best Defender Award is an annual professional basketball award that is given by the top tier division in France, the LNB Pro A. It is awarded to the most valuable defensive player in each Pro A regular season.

Winners edit

Guard Anthony Dobbins won the award three times – in 2009, 2013 and 2014
Florent Piétrus won the award twice, in 2002 and 2015
^ Denotes player who is still active in the Pro A
* Inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame or the French Basketball Academy
Player (X) Denotes the number of times the player has received the award
Season Player Position Nationality Team
1985–86 Allen Bunting Forward   United States Olympique Antibes
1986–87 Richard Dacoury* Guard/forward   France Limoges CSP
1987–88 Richard Dacoury* (2) Guard/forward   France Limoges CSP
1988–89 Richard Dacoury* (3) Guard/ Forward   France Limoges CSP
1989–90 Richard Dacoury* (4) Guard/forward   France Limoges CSP
1990–91 Richard Dacoury* (5) Guard/forward   France Limoges CSP
1991–92 Richard Dacoury* (6) Guard/forward   France Limoges CSP
1992–93 Richard Dacoury* (7) Guard/forward   France Limoges CSP
1993–94 Richard Dacoury* (8) Guard/forward   France Limoges CSP
1994–95 Richard Dacoury* (9) Guard/forward   France Limoges CSP
1995–96 Arsène Ade-Mensah Guard   France Olympique Antibes
1996–97 Jim Bilba Center   France ASVEL
1997–98 Arsène Ade-Mensah (2) Guard   France Paris Basket Racing
1998–99 Jim Bilba (2) Center   France ASVEL
1999–2000 Jim Bilba (3) Center   France ASVEL
2000–01 Jim Bilba (4) Center   France ASVEL
2001–02 Florent Piétrus Forward   France Pau-Orthez
2002–03 Makan Dioumassi Guard   France Hyères-Toulon
2003–04 Thierry Rupert Forward   France SIG Strasbourg
2004–05 Michael Mokongo Guard   Central Africa[a] Élan Chalon
2005–06 John Linehan Forward   United States Racing Paris/SIG Strasbourg
2006–07 Marc-Antoine Pellin Guard   France Chorale Roanne
2007–08 Dounia Issa Forward   France JA Vichy
2008–09 Tony Dobbins Guard   Italy Orléans Loiret
2009–10 John Linehan (2) Guard   United States Cholet
2010–11 John Linehan (3) Guard   United States SLUC Nancy
2011–12 Andrew Albicy Guard   France BCM Gravelines
2012–13 Tony Dobbins (2) Guard   Italy Poitiers
2013–14 Tony Dobbins (3) Guard   Italy JDA Dijon
2014–15 Florent Piétrus (2) Forward   France SLUC Nancy
2015–16 Charles Lombahe-Kahudi^ Guard/forward   France[b] ASVEL
2016–17 Moustapha Fall Center   France Élan Chalon
2017–18 Aaron Craft Guard   United States Monaco
2018–19 Lahaou Konaté^ Shooting guard   France Nanterre 92
Not awarded[c]
2020–21 Moustapha Fall (2)^ Center   France ASVEL
2021–22 Ismaël Kamagate Center   France Paris Basketball
2022–23 Victor Wembanyama Forward/center   France Metropolitans 92

Awards by players edit

Rank Player Awards
1 Richard Dacoury 9
2 Jim Bilba 4
3 John Lineman 3
Tony Dobbins
5 Florent Piétrus 2
Moustapha Fall

Notes edit

  1. ^ Mokongo, born in Bimbo, Central African Republic, also owns the French nationality.
  2. ^ Charles Lombahe-Kahudi, born in Kinshasa, also owns the Congolese nationality.
  3. ^ There was no awarding in the 2019–20, because the season was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic in Europe.