L'abito nero da sposa

L'abito nero da sposa (transl. The Black Wedding Dress) is a 1945 Italian historical drama film directed by Luigi Zampa and starring Fosco Giachetti.[1][2] It is based on the play The Cardinal by Louis N. Parker.

L'abito nero da sposa
L'abito nero da sposa.jpg
Film poster
Directed byLuigi Zampa
Screenplay by
Based onThe Cardinal
by Louis N. Parker
Produced byVittorio Vassarotti[1]
Edited byMaria Rosada[1]
Music byCarlo Piero Giorgi[1]
Vi-Va Film[1]
Distributed byProduttori Associatti
Release date
  • 17 May 1945 (1945-05-17)
Running time
96 minutes[1]



L'abito nero da sposa is based on the play The Cardinal by Louis N. Parker.[1] The film had some notoriety in Italy as it was blacklisted by the church.[2] The film was originally going to be the directorial debut of Mario Pannunzio, who dropped out of the project.[2] Luigi Zampa, who was in the army and about to leave to the Russian front, was given a 60 day permit to direct the film.[2] During principal shooting on the film, on September 8, 1943 General Pietro Badoglio signed an armistice and joined the allies as co-belligerent.[2] Film was put on hold until the American forces were in Italy, and filming continued in June 1944.[2]


L'abito nero da sposa was distributed by Produttori Associatti in Italy on May 17, 1945.[1] Zampa later spoke on about his early films, stating that he "prefer not to remember [them]. They taught me how to move the camera and direct the actors. But I never tried to watch them again, there is nothing inside them. They were just spectacles."[2]


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