L'île de Merlin, ou Le monde renversé

L'île de Merlin, ou Le monde renversé (Merlin's Island, or the World Upended) is an opéra comique in one act composed by Christoph Willibald Gluck to a 1753 French libretto by Louis Anseaume based on Alain René Lesage and D'Orneval's 1718 vaudeville comedy Le monde renversé. Gluck's version was first performed on 3 October 1758 at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.[1][2]


Role Voice type[3] Premiere Cast, 3 October 1758
Merlin tenor
Argentine, Merlin's niece soprano
Diamantine, Merlin's niece soprano
Pierrot bass
Scapin bass
A philosopher tenor
M. de la Candeur, a dandy tenor
Hippocratine soprano
Chevalier de Catonville, a procurator tenor
M. Prud'homme, a notary bass
Hanif tenor
Zerbin spoken role


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