L'Écho du Katanga

L'Écho du Katanga ('The Echo of Katanga') was a French-language weekly newspaper published from Elisabethville, Congo-Leopoldville.[2] l'Écho du Katanga was founded in 1929 by Jean Decoster.[3] It replaced Journal du Katanga, which had been founded in 1911.[4] The newspaper promoted European settlement in Congo.[2] Later Decoster's son, Albert Decoster, took over the post as the editor of l'Écho du Katanga.[3][5][6]

l'Écho du Katanga
EditorAlbert Decoster
Founded1931 [1]
LanguageFrench language
Ceased publication1962

L'Écho du Katanga was closed down in 1962.[4]

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