Kyiv Metro Bridge

The Metro Bridge (Ukrainian: Міст Метро) is the first metro bridge part of the Brovarsky prospect spanning across the Dnipro River in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. It was engineered by G. Fuks and Y. Inosov and constructed in 1965 with the expansion of the Kyiv Metro system. The bridge is used for both the Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska Line of the metro and for automobile traffic.

Metro Bridge

Міст Метро
Kyiv Metro Bridge.JPG
Metro Bridge
Coordinates50°26′34″N 30°33′54″E / 50.44278°N 30.56500°E / 50.44278; 30.56500Coordinates: 50°26′34″N 30°33′54″E / 50.44278°N 30.56500°E / 50.44278; 30.56500
CarriesAutomobiles, Metro
CrossesDnipro River
LocaleKyiv, Ukraine
Total length700 metres (2,300 ft)
DesignerG. Fuks, Y. Inosov


It consists of two spans as it links the Venetsiansky island as well as the left and right banks. The larger span consists of an elevated central metro span and side automobile spans on separate, lower estacades. Both the metro and automobile paths have a distinct arched contour. This was because the metro line continues into the hill of the right bank with the Dnipro station.

The smaller span called Rusanivsky Bridge, which links Venetsiansky island with the left bank, is a more conventional level estacade with two northern traffic lanes and a southern metro path.

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A terrorist occupation of the bridge occurred on September 18, 2019.[1] A veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian War threatened to blow up the bridge.[2] [3] Traffic was stopped across the bridge for a few hours, causing extensive traffic issues throughout the city, before the man was arrested. He was found not to be in possession of any explosive, just a rifle, with which he shot a police drone.[4]


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