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Kwong Yuen Estate
Kwong Yuen Estate

Kwong Yuen Estate (Chinese: 廣源邨) is a public housing estate and Tenants Purchase Scheme estate in Siu Lek Yuen, Sha Tin, Hong Kong. Unlike other public estates in Sha Tin, Kwong Yuen Estate is built on sloping platform, instead of reclaimed land.[1] In 2001, some of the flats were sold to the tenants through Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 4.[2]

Kwong Lam Court (Chinese: 廣林苑) and Hong Lam Court (Chinese: 康林苑) are the Home Ownership Scheme courts within Kwong Yuen Estate.[3] They have three blocks each, and were both completed in 1990.


According to the 2011 census, Kwong Yuen Estate has a population of 13,908. Kwong Lam Court and Hong Lam Court house 5,272 and 3,062 respectively. Altogether the population amounts to 22,242.[4]


Kwong Yuen EstateEdit

Name[5] Chinese name Type Completion
Pine House 廣松樓 Trident 4 1989
Oak House 廣橡樓
Banyan House 廣榕樓
Cypress House 廣柏樓
Kapok House 廣棉樓 Trident 3
Alder House 廣楊樓

Kwong Lam CourtEdit

Name[6] Chinese name Type Completion
Hing Lam House 興林閣 Trident 4 1990
Mau Lam House 茂林閣
Fook Lam House 馥林閣

Hong Lam CourtEdit

Name[7] Chinese name Type Completion
Shan Lam House 山林閣 NCB 1990
Yuen Lam House 園林閣
King Lam House 景林閣

Commercial complexEdit

A view of the commercial complex with clock tower

The design of the commercial complex of the estate was designed to blend into the village environment in the vicinity. Unlike the commercial centres of other public housing estates, the complex consists of five two-level blocks which are standing on two platforms. The complex slopes from the east to the west to a difference of 15 m.[1] A 26 m clock tower reinforces the image of the commercial complex.[1]

In 1992, the design of the commercial complex won a Certificate of Merit in the annual design competition organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects.[1][8]

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