Kunio Mikuriya

Kunio Mikuriya (Japanese: 御厨 邦雄, Mikuriya Kunio) is the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization (WCO).

Kunio Mikuriya
御厨 邦雄
Kunio Mikuriya.jpg
Kunio Mikuriya, 2010
Secretary General of the World Customs Organization
Assumed office
1 January 2009


Mikuriya has a BA in law from the University of Tokyo and a PhD in international relations from the University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies. During his career, Mikuriya has held various high-level positions in Japan's Ministry of Finance. He also had assignments as Counsellor in Japan's Mission to the WTO and a negotiator for Japan during the GATT Uruguay Round negotiations.[1]


Mikuriya meets with United States customs officials in 2019

From 2002 to 2008, Mikuriya was the WCO Deputy Secretary General. On 28 June 2008, he was elected WCO Secretary General, and he took up this post on 1 January 2009.[2] On 30 June 2013, he was re-elected to a second five-year term.[3] Mikuriya has called for successful completion of the Doha Development Round,[4] lobbied against the U.S. 100% container scanning law,[5] and advocated enhanced trade facilitation measures during the global economic downturn.[6]


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