Kunigami Seijun

Kunigami Ueekata Seijun (国頭 親方 盛順, 1511 – 14 April 1580), also known by his Chinese style name Ō Jushō (翁 寿祥), was a bureaucrat of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

There were few details about his parents and family background even they were not recorded in his genealogy book. Kunigami was a son-in-law of Urasoe Ryōken. He was appointed ishi bugyō (石奉行, "Magistrate of stone") in 1554. He served as Sanshikan during King Shō Gen's reign.[1]

He was dispatched as congratulatory envoy together with Ryō Gen (梁炫) to celebrate the Longqing Emperor's coronation in 1568, and sailed back two years later.[2]

Kunigami Seijun was the originator of Ō-uji Nagayama Dunchi (翁氏永山殿内), which was one of the "Five Aristocratic Families" (五大名門) in Ryukyuan history.[3]


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Kunigami Seijun
title created Head of Ō-uji Nagayama Dunchi
? - 1580
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