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Kung Fu Tai Chi

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Kung Fu Tai Chi (also commonly known as Kung Fu Magazine) is a United States magazine covering martial arts and combat sports (mainly Chinese Martial Arts). Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine began publication 1992[1] and is owned by TC Media, Inc.[2] The magazine was started as a quarterly.[1] In 1996 its frequency was switched to bimonthly and in 2000 to monthly.[1] In 2001 it again became a bimonthly magazine.[1] The headquarters is in Fremont, California.[3] In 2009 Kung Fu Magazine started a YouTube account and posts videos on covering the full spectrum of Chinese martial arts and demonstrations. [4]

Kung Fu Tai Chi
CategoriesMartial art, Sport
Year founded1992
CompanyTC Media, Inc
CountryUnited States of America
Based inFremont, California
WebsiteKung Fu Tai Chi Magazine


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