Kuhn & Komor (康茂洋行), also known colloquially as K&K, was a Hungarian multinational luxury jeweler and specialty retailer headquartered in Shanghai, China. K&K produced jewelry, sterling silver, china, crystal, stationery, and personal accessories. K&K was renowned in East Asia for its luxury goods, also being called the "Asprey of Asia."[1]

Kuhn & Komor
IndustryJewelry and retail
Founded1869; 155 years ago (1869) in Yokohama, Japan
FounderMoritz Montague Kuhn
ProductsSterling silver, china, crystal, stationery, and personal accessories
Interior of the shop in Yokohama



The Komor family was Jewish and originally came from Hungary.[2]

Moritz Montague Kuhn founded Kuhn & Co in Yokohama in 1869, a shop filled with Curios, curiosities from the Far East (or souvenir shop). Siegfried Komo, the nephew of Kuhn, came to Japan in 1887 to work for his uncle, followed by the son ok Kuhn, Arthur, who arrived in Japan in 1890. In 1894, Siegfried Komo and Arthur Kuhn founded Kuhn & Komor in Yokohama.[3]

The company opened a shop in the Shanghai Palace Hotel in Shanghai. They later opened a shop on No. 37 Water Street (水町通り) in Yokohama.[4] The company existed roughly until the 1930s, when the outbreak of World War II brought it to an end.[5]

Items by Kuhn & Komor receive high prices on auctions.[6]


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