Kubiki Tunnel (頚城トンネル) is a tunnel on JR-West Hokuriku Main Line in Japan that runs between Oazanou, Itoigawa city, Niigata prefecture and Tsuboyama, Nadachi ward, Joetsu city, Niigata prefecture with approximate length of 11.353 km. It was completed and opened in 1969, and officially inscribed by Reisuke Ishida, the president of the Japanese National Railways.[1][2][3]

Kubiki Tunnel
Kubiki Tunnel in 2019
LineHokuriku Main Line
Locationbetween Nō Station, Itoigawa and Nadachi Station, Niigata prefecture
Coordinates37°7′2.154″N 138°3′2.9232″E / 37.11726500°N 138.050812000°E / 37.11726500; 138.050812000
OperatorWest Japan Railway Company
CharacterPassenger and Freight
Line length11,353 m (37,247 ft)
No. of tracks2
Route map
Kubiki Tunnel is located in Japan
Kubiki Tunnel

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