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Kuakini Medical Center is a private hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Its address is 347 North Kuakini Street, located near the corner of Liliha street. The center is run by the Kuakini Health System which also runs geriatric care facilities and a foundation.

The organization started as the Japanese Benevolent Society in 1892 and was incorporated in 1899. The first Japanese Charity Hospital opened in 1900 and expanded in 1902. A larger facility was built in 1917 at the present site with donations from Emperor Taishō of Japan. In 1934 Emperor Hirohito of Japan donated funds for more expansion. After the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the US military occupied the hospital during World War II and renamed it Kuakini Medical Center, after the street.[1] The street was in turn named for John Adams Kuakini (1791–1844) who was acting Governor of Oahu in the 1830s.[2]


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