Kuai Yue (Han dynasty)

Kuai Yue (died 214), courtesy name Yidu, was an adviser to the warlord Liu Biao during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China. He was the younger brother of Kuai Liang. When Liu Biao died and Liu Cong succeeded him, Kuai Yue recommended that he surrender to Cao Cao. Cao Cao later praised Kuai Yue, saying, "I would rather obtain Kuai Yue than Jing Province."

Kuai Yue
Minister of the Household (光祿勳)
In office
208 (208) – ? (?)
MonarchEmperor Xian of Han
ChancellorCao Cao
Administrator of Zhangling (章陵太守)
In office
? (?) – ? (?)
MonarchEmperor Xian of Han
Prefect of Ruyang (汝陽令)
In office
? (?) – ? (?)
MonarchEmperor Ling of Han
Personal details
Xiangyang, Hubei
RelationsKuai Liang (brother)
Courtesy nameYidu (異度)
PeerageMarquis of Fan Village

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