Krassimir Guergov

Krassimir Guergov (Bulgarian: Красимир Гергов) is a Bulgarian businessman, who was born on 30 September 1961. He is an ex-officer from the Bulgarian secret services during the communist regime.[1] His main business is related to advertising and media in Bulgaria. He completed "Sports Journalism", "Tourism, Alpinism and Orienteering" and specialised World Report at CNN, Atlanta and London. In 1994 he acquired the right to broadcast the American TV channel CNN in Bulgaria and created the first private national television in Bulgaria, broadcasting the CNN programme (Triada - CNN). He was also the creator of the first private national radio in Bulgaria, together with Radio Free Europe (RFE). He is actively investing in tourism development in Bulgaria and established golf complexes in Bulgaria. Krassimir Guergov is considered the most influential person and even a monopolist in advertising and media business in Bulgaria. He advises the biggest investors in Bulgarian media market: Balkan News Corporation.


Krassimir Guergov has been the president of the board of directors of the Association of Advertising Agencies in Bulgaria since 1996. The association is a member of the International Advertising Association (IAA).[2] Since 2001 he has been the president of the board of directors of the Bulgarian Golf Association and has a leading role in the popularisation of this sport in Bulgaria. He has been the president of the National Board of Tourism since 2008. Since 2008 he has been member of the executive committee of the Bulgarian Football Union, being in charge for marketing and advertising and also, president of the Media Commission. In 2009 he created and leads the club "Diplomacy and Business" with members, diplomats from foreign missions in Bulgaria.


In 2001, Krassimir Gergov founded the Bulgarian Golf Association (BGA) and is its president at present. The association is member of the International Golf Federation, European Golf Association and Royal & Ancient Golf Club, St Andrews, Scotland. BGA is working under Programme for Golf Development in Bulgaria; more than 5000 children have been trained under that programme up to now. The association has provided the opportunity for the children to play golf for free in the complexes St. Sofia and BlackSeaRama. Passionate fancier of golf, Krasimir Gergov created the Bulgarian golf society and started the construction of big sport complexes in Bulgaria. With the idea to develop sport tourism, he started the projects:

  • „St. Sofia Golf Club & Spa" - golf course with 18 holes near Sofia, which is the first one designed on the base of the standards of the American Golf Association in Bulgaria.
  • Gary Player Signature” – professional golf course of 18 holes designed by Gary Player. On that course, tournament rounds of the European Golf Association are carried out.
  • “Thracian Cliffs” – a golf complex near Balchik.


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