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Palaka language

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Palaka (or 'Kpalaga') is a central Senufo language spoken by approximately 8,000 people in northern Ivory Coast. It is bordered to the south by Djimini, a southern Senufo language, and to the west by Nyarafolo, another Senufo language. North and east of the Palaka area live Dioula people.

Native toMali
RegionSikasso Region
Native speakers
8,000 (1995)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3plr
Palaka language.png
Palaka area, some neighbouring languages, and the other Senufo languages.

Palaka constitutes a separate branch of the Senufo languages on its own, being rather different from them in morphology and phonology. It has been tentatively linked to Nafaanra language, an isolated Senufo language spoken in Ghana. Palaka has been separated from the other Senufo languages at least since the fourteenth century AD.


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