Kotri River

Kotri river (also known as Paralkota river) is a tributary of Indravati River that flows through Chhattisgarh and Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra.

Kotri River
Kotri river at Bhamragad.jpg
Kotri river at Bhamragad.jpg
Native nameकोटरी नदी  (Hindi)
StateChhattisgarh, Maharashtra
Physical characteristics
MouthIndravati River
 • coordinates
19°24′21″N 80°34′35″E / 19.4058°N 80.5764°E / 19.4058; 80.5764Coordinates: 19°24′21″N 80°34′35″E / 19.4058°N 80.5764°E / 19.4058; 80.5764
Basin features
River systemGodavari basin
BridgesBridge near Bhamragad

The river rises in the western hills of Bastar and flows south till it meets Indravati near Bhamragad.[1]


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