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Kotiliesi (meaning Fireside in English) is a Finnish language bimonthly family and women's magazine published in Helsinki, Finland. It is one of the oldest magazines in the country and is the first Finnish magazine addressing housewives.

CategoriesFamily magazine
Women's magazine
Circulation137,772 (2013)
PublisherOtava Media Oy
FounderHedvig Gebhard
Year founded1922; 97 years ago (1922)
CompanyOtava Group
Based inHelsinki


History and profileEdit

Kotiliesi was established in December 1922,[1][2] being the first specialized magazine for housewives in the country.[3] The original motto of the magazine was "Home is society's heart."[1] Its founder and one of the editors was Hedvig Gebhard, who was a journalist and the member of the Finnish Party.[4] She served at the Parliament.[1] The founding publishing company was SanomaWSOY, which started its business activities in the magazine publishing sector with the establishment of Kotiliesi.[5] The headquarters of the magazine is in Helsinki.[2]

Alli Viherheimo is the first editor-in-chief of Kotiliesi.[1] Mandi Hannula, a woman member of the Parliament, contributed to the magazine in the 1920s.[1] The magazine is part of the Otava Group[6] and is published bimonthly[7] by Otava Media Oy.[8] Its former publisher was Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet Oy.[9][10]

Kotiliesi originally focused on articles about home economics, kitchen architecture and domestic duties.[11] In 1968 the magazine covered articles on the need for reforms related to schooling, education, social security and employment patterns for women.[12] At the end of the 1990s the magazine changed its focus from social topics and policies to personal well-being, families and babies.[12] Later the magazine expanded its coverage to include articles on food, decoration, family business, health among the others.[13]


Kotiliesi had a circulation of 645,000 copies in 2003.[14] The circulation of the magazine was 160,700 copies in 2006.[9] Its circulation fell to 152,700 copies in 2007.[10] It was the third best-selling Finnish women's magazine in 2009 with a circulation of 140,000 copies.[15] Its circulation slightly rose to 141,520 copies in 2010.[7][15] The circulation of the bimonthly was 137,772 copies in 2011 and 119,105 copies in 2012.[7] The magazine had a circulation of 137,772 copies in 2013, making it the seventh best-selling magazine in Finland.[8]

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